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Meet the Brilliant Mind Behind the Words

Jacqueline N. Hernandez

Jacqueline's book, "Entrepreneurial Empire," is a testament to her journey, encapsulating her insights, strategies, and invaluable lessons. Within these pages, readers will discover the keys to achieving success beyond their wildest dreams. Jacqueline's emphasis on "PPE" – Polish, Position, and Elevate – provides a blueprint for those aspiring to create their Entrepreneurial Empire. Through her book, she shares not only her knowledge but also her spirit of resilience, her ability to conquer challenges, and her unwavering commitment to success.

Jacqueline's career path led her through network marketing, where she masterfully built an organization spanning over 8,000 independent business owners. Her expertise didn't stop there; it expanded to startups, Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, non-profits, and individual entrepreneurs. Her relentless pursuit of excellence has garnered her recognition, with appearances on "Celebrity Apprentice" as a guest judge, along with guest speaker on The American Dreams Radio Show and leading Silicon Valley Business Summits.


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